Mutual fund fees may be eating up to 50% of your potential wealth.

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The incredible power of lower fees.

There’s a secret that up until now only the wealthiest Canadians have known about - investing in mutual funds dramatically eats into your potential wealth.

It’s not your fault. Most Canadians don’t even know they pay some of the highest fees in the world to invest in mutual funds.

If you’re finding it difficult to reach your dreams, use our financial health check tool to determine if you’re overpaying. It’s easy and it’s free.

How do you add $350,000 to your retirement fund?

Client at Nest Wealth

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Ken H.

Our customers have made the choice to control fees.

Client at Nest Wealth

The concept here is about asset allocation and stripping away bad investing behaviour. This serves an underserved market.

I wish I’d known about this when my grandparents passed away. I didn’t want to manage their nest egg and a robo-advisor makes sense for older people not conversant with markets.

Ryan R.

I came to realize how expensive mutual funds are compared to ETFs.

I don’t want to handle the minutiae. I love the idea of retiring some day, which is why I’m doing this. I send money every month into my account and they take care of it. I like my investing very simple and I don’t want to give lots of thought to it. I just want to know my investments will be there in 20 years and I don’t have to do much work.


Honest pricing. No suprises.

Fees matter almost more than anything else when it comes to putting your portfolio together. Canadians pay the highest fees in the world for mutual funds. If you’re not paying attention, the math dictates that 2.5% a year in fees - though it might sound small in absolute terms - could destroy 40-50% of your potential wealth by the time you retire. Check the math on your own portfolio.





How do fees impact my potential wealth?


Wealth management for a flat low monthly fee.








Frequently asked questions


Where is my money held?


All Nest Wealth client accounts are held at National Bank Correspondent Network (NBCN), a subsidiary of National Bank. NBCN is a member of the Canadian Investor Protection Fund (CIPF), which covers each account up to $1,000,000 against insolvency or bankruptcy. Your money never is handled by Nest Wealth and all transactions are between yourself and NBCN.

Nest Wealth manages your money based on Nobel-prize winning research. We create a personalized portfolio based on your financial situation, life goals, investment time horizon and risk tolerance. This means that everything we do is with the sole focus of providing you with the maximum results, while minimizing your risk.

Your portfolio built using a mix of seven (7) exchange traded funds. We arrived at these ETFs by evaluating different options and picking the most attractive ones based on their cost structure, liquidity and, where applicable, tracking error.

How does Nest Wealth help clients?

What's included with my Nest Wealth solution?

In addition to creating your portfolio using the best solutions and research available. You'll enjoy the benefit of a portfolio that is globally diversified, across industry sectors, investment types and asset classes, including: domestic equities, US equities, emerging market equities, international equities, government fixed income, real-return bonds, real estate and cash.  

We’ll also monitor and rebalance your portfolio when it starts to drift from the proper mix. We check-in on you at least yearly to ensure your situation has not changed. This allows you to enjoy the peace of mind that automation brings.

Your portfolio manager has been in the financial services industry for over 15 years prior to starting Nest Wealth.

Randy Cass, CFA, LLB, MBA managed quantitative portfolios at the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan and institutional assets at Orchard Asset Management. He has also hosted BNN’s Market Sense since 2012.

Randy started Nest Wealth so Canadians have a real choice when it comes to how they want to invest for their future.

Who is the Portfolio Manager?

How do I learn more about Nest Wealth?

Nest Wealth is Canada’s first automated investment advisor. Nest Wealth provides personalized, professionally constructed portfolio management services for a flat monthly fee regardless of the size of the investment account. To learn more, visit:

To sign up, visit Once you fill out a short questionnaire, you’ll be ready to continue to your account opening process.

Making the choice to control your fees is the single most important factor to reaching your financial goals.

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Nest Wealth Asset Management Inc. is Canada’s first automated investment advisor. Nest Wealth provides personalized, professionally constructed portfolio management services for a flat monthly fee regardless of the size of the investment account.